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Bitumen Removal In Bristol

Rainbow International offer a full range of specialist cleaning Services including floor preparation and drying systems to return any property to pre-incident condition following a fire, flood or any other disaster related incident.

Diamond Grinding is the most up to date, efficient, cost effective option for floor surface preparation in readiness for a successful drying regime to be installed.

Diamond grinding has many advantages over traditional systems like scabbling. The diamond grinding system is not as messy and much less obtrusive, more efficient and cost effective than other systems. Furniture can be covered and moved around room by room on non-asbestos cases

Although some scabbling system have vacuums attached they produce a lot of debris. Bitumen gets spat around which can cause damage to the building and its contents. This can be costly in sanitary-ware areas where in some instances kitchen and bathroom suites have needed replacing following the scabbling process.

Downstairs areas always have to be emptied of contents which costs more to insurers and means more inconvenience to the customer. The diamond grinding system is by comparison a much cleaner and sustainable process.

The diamond grinding system also presents many health and safety advantages over scabbling as diamond grinding produces a very smooth floor surface finish, whereas scabbling leaves a very uneven surface.


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