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Flooded Cheddar Gorge Shop Left In A Pickle

Rainbow International Bristol was called to a shop in Bristol which had suffered flooding due to torrential rainfall December 2016.

The shop and 2 store rooms were affected by up to 300mm of water causing severe saturation throughout. Also affected was the cottage where onsite staff lived.

Damaged caused by flood in Cheddar Gorge shopFlood Damaged caused to properties in Cheddar Gorge

Rainbow Bristol were instructed by a loss adjuster and attended the same day to scope work required.

Once the initial inspection was undertaken, and the recommended restoration process was authorised by the loss adjuster, it was all systems go for this dedicated team of specialist flood technicians.

What did the Flood Restoration work involve?

Before drying could commence. The floors required to be stripped of all paint to enable us to dry. A full extraction clean and decontamination required to all floors and low levels walls.

Asbestos testing on damaged floor tiles

Our asbestos trained technicians identified possible materials that could possibly contain asbestos therefore an asbestos test to the tiled floor and bitumen was carried out to which we discovered contained Chrysotile asbestos. Due to health and safety, now that the results were positive, we cordoned off the areas whilst we worked in them to prevent harm to the public.

specialist asbestos removal, cheddar gorge flooded shopasbestos removal cheddar gorge

After a few days of hard work and serious elbow grease by Rainbow Bristol the areas were now ready for the drying regime to be installed. It was decided that we would use a targeted heat mat drying regime. The drying regime was set up and monitored regularly until we were able to issue a handover certificate to the builders for reinstatement works.

drying regime cheddar gorge flooded shopdrying regime in cheddar gorge shop, following a flood

Consult your local Flood Restoration experts now

If your home or business property in the Bristol or Western-Super-Mare areas suffer Flood damage contact Huw Smith and the team at Rainbow International’s Bristol branch to find out more about the specialist flood restoration services they offer.

Contact them on 02920 350 399 or

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