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Injection Drying At A Dental Practice Following An Escape Of Water

Recently the Rainbow Bristol team were called in to help out with the clean-up following an escape of water at a dental practice.

The internal water leak had happened at the dental practice over prolonged period of time.

When we arrived on scene, we could see mould growth and water staining that indicated moisture penetration above floor level.

Our first task was to inspect the damage and produce a report detailing the remedial steps required to make the property usable once more.

We conducted a moisture survey throughout the ground floor. Then we compiled the results into a single report that detailed the most effective and efficient way to get the property back to condition before the escape of water incident.

Surveying the damage caused by the water leak

To thoroughly survey the extent of the damage we exposed the sub-floor by lifting areas of safety flooring in the surgeries.

There was insulation laid beneath the screed so, drilling holes in the floor we inserted deep floor probes to measure WME throughout the deep level screed and insulation.

Tests indicated levels of 97%-100% WME.

Injection Drying

The construction of the floor meant that injection drying would be the most effective way to dry out the floor.

We brought desiccant dehumidifiers with an inbuilt high-static pressure air-mover on to site. Then attaching 25mm pipes to the air-mover outlet, we ‘injected’ air through the concrete to dry it out.

We drilled 6 air inlet holes through the concrete for each dehumidifier, ensuring the holes were evenly spaced to maximise the drying efficiency.

We also drilled a series of ‘outlet’ holes to allow the damp air to escape.

By surveying the situation and being tactical about the drying processes we used, we were able to ensure that the property was fully dry and ready for redecoration as quickly as possible.

To arrange a survey to analyse the extent and the best way to dry out your water-damaged property in or around the Bristol area, contact Rainbow, Bristol by phone on 01275 399 990 or by email at: [email protected].